Digital printing activities, offset printing and customisation promotional products are the main services we offer. Within them we create the opportunity of print on demand regardless of the circulation, the quality of the Prince equaling the quality offered by the market of the great printers, the price reduced to variable circulations and compliance with the desired customer term. Standard and personalized typography services, publishing house, large pattern, graphic design, promotional advertising production services through customizations and engravings are found within our Offer. We are flexible, adaptable to customer requirements, offer quality products and services. We are the friend who saves your time, gives you the solution, customises your Future. Among the products and services offered are:

– Standard printing services:

•  Flyers
•  Folding
•  Posters
•  Maps
•  Business card
•  Doctoral theses
•  Latterheads
•  Multiplication of documents

– Printing services by customized products

•  Agende
•  Timestables
•  Plannere
•  Large size print
•  Banners
•  Meshes
•  Stickers
•  Roll-up
•  Paper Posters

– Promotional advertising production

•  Textile Customization Services
•  Personalized Accessories (trinkets, lighters, pens, badges)
•  Adhesives/self adhesive various sizes and unconventional formats including printing on transparent sticker
•  Mesh
•  Canvas
•  Printing on magnetic foil
•  Print Large format paper
•  Customize various objects by laser engraving
•  Laser engraving on wooden, plastic, Glass